Yaran NDIS Partners with Interchange WA: A Union for Empowerment 

Yaran NDIS is thrilled to announce a partnership with Interchange WA, a distinguished NDIS provider dedicated to supporting Western Australians living with disability. This collaboration is rooted in a shared vision of empowering individuals through personalized, community-based support, ensuring that every person has the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. 

A Commitment to Individualized Support 

Interchange WA stands out for its 30-year commitment to placing people at the heart of its services. The organization’s approach is beautifully summed up in their belief that “we all belong” – a reminder that despite our differences, we are all part of the same community. Their services are tailored to the unique strengths, needs, and preferences of each individual, embracing diversity in age, gender, culture, and identity to ensure everyone receives the support that best suits them. 

Empowering Choice and Independence 

At the core of this partnership is a mutual aim to dismantle barriers and champion the active involvement of individuals in making decisions about their lives. Interchange WA’s philosophy aligns perfectly with Yaran NDIS’s mission, emphasizing that disability stems more from societal structures than individual differences. Their approach, which includes not wearing uniforms, is designed to encourage the community to see the person first, promoting a more inclusive and barrier-free society. 

Strengthening Community Ties 

Interchange’s Neighbourhoods initiative resonates with Yaran NDIS’s goal of integrating individuals into their communities. By fostering real connections and meaningful relationships, this partnership will enhance the support network around each individual, combining the efforts of family, friends, and other NDIS supports to create a comprehensive ecosystem of care. 

Enhanced Accessibility and Personalized Care 

With a fleet of over 75 vehicles, including 40 equipped for wheelchair access, Interchange WA ensures that individuals can seamlessly participate in work, school, and community activities. This logistical support is a crucial aspect of the partnership, allowing for a more personalized approach to care where supports are mainly one-on-one, focusing on what matters most to the individual. 

A Brighter Future Together 

This partnership between Yaran NDIS and Interchange WA marks a significant step forward in providing holistic, individualized support services for Western Australians living with disability. By combining resources, expertise, and a shared vision of empowerment and community integration, both organizations are set to make a profound impact on the lives of many, paving the way for a more inclusive and supportive society.